Komito Analytics at a Glance

Komito Analytics is a free, open-source enhancement for the most popular web analytics software.

Advanced Metrics

Unlock the power of digital analytics with additional insights about visitor's behavior.

  • Social interaction

    Tracks social networks events.
  • Form submissions

    Tracks submitted forms.
  • Media

    Tracks HTML5 video, audio, YouTube and Vimeo players events.
  • Call to actions

    Tracks CTA links (mailto, tel, sms, skype, etc).
  • Logged in users

    Tracks pageviews by users logged in to social networks.
  • Print

    Tracks page print actions.
  • Downloads

    Tracks files download links.
  • Outbound links

    Tracks outbound links.
  • Scroll

    Tracks scroll depth.


Komito Analytics is compatible with most popular web analytics software.


List of Komito Analytics integration and support partners.

Privacy is not a question: Komito Analytics does not store any data.
Why? Because it's an extension, not a service.