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Understanding visitors' behavior is a key booster of the sales conversion rate.

Komito Analytics Services

Web analytics services provided by the Komito Analytics team help to understand how visitors interact with the website or app. Understanding visitors' behavior is a key booster of the sales conversion rate. We use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Looker Studio (former Google Data Studio) for our clients and partners to help them optimize their digital analytics and marketing strategy.


Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics package includes proper audit, setup and implementation of a new or existing Google Analytics account. Standard Google Analytics metrics and dimensions will help you understand the following information about website visitors easily as ABCDE:

  • Audience and Acquisition: Who came to the website and how did they get there?
  • Behavior: What did they do when they got to the website?
  • Conversion: Did they do on the website that we wanted them to do?
  • Demographics: What are the age groups and genders of visitors?
  • Engagement: What is the visit duration and how many pages did they visit?
Starting from $500.00
Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager package includes all from the Google Analytics package. In addition to the standard Google Analytics metrics, such as Users, Sessions, Bounce Rate and Pageview, you will get an additional insights about visitor's behavior provided by Komito Analytics:

  • Views by users logged in to social networks;
  • Social interaction events: like, share, follow;
  • Downloads and outbound links;
  • CTA links: emails, phones, webcal;
  • Media interaction events: HTML5, YouTube, Vimeo;
  • Form submissions and page print actions;
  • Scroll depth tracking;
  • User preferred color scheme.
Starting from $1,000.00

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