Komito Analytics is a free, open-source enhancement for the most popular web analytics software.


Komito Analytics is a free, open-source enhancement for the most popular web analytics software. It unlocks the power of digital analytics with additional insights about visitor's behavior.

At this time it hosted on GitHub Pages and uses CDN and SSL provided by Cloudflare.

Privacy is not a concern: Komito Analytics does not store any data. Why? Because it's an extension for the most popular web analytics software, not a service.


At the beginning, it started as EGA (Enhanced Google Analytics) as a part of JavaScript library named JSCB (JavaScript Code Base, August 6, 2013) and was located in Google Code Project Hosting.

After Google Code Project Hosting was closed all code was splitted into 3 different projects (Glize, Greylock and Komito) and was moved to GitHub.


Alex Krailo - Core team Co-founder and CEO at Datamart, MS in Applied Mathematics, previously Senior Software Engineer at Google, specialises in Analytics, Software and Business Development.
Valentin Podkamennyi - Core team Co-founder, CTO and Software Engineer at Datamart, Ex-Googler, specializes in Analytics, Software Development and Architecture Design.
Phil Mui - Advisor Senior advisor at Datamart, Ph.D. from MIT and a Masters from Oxford University, SVP of Technology at Salesforce, previously EVP for Acxiom and Group Product Manager for Google Analytics.
Stéphane Hamel - Advisor and Mastermind Digital Analytics Thought Leader, Industry Influencer, Speaker and Founder of DaVinci.Tools, formerly Director of Innovation at Cardinal Path.


Benjamin Mangold - Loves Data I recommend Komito Analytics as the quickest way to get up and running with Google Tag Manager. One tag and you're done!
Julius Fedorovicius - Analytics Mania If you're looking for a quick solution to track standard events on a page and do that with as little configuration as possible, then definitely check Komito Analytics. Just add the code, choose what you want to track and bam. You have that data in your Google Analytics. In less than 2 minutes.


  • Accomplishments:
  • 15M+ unique visitors per month;
  • 3 integration and support partners;
  • 7 supported web analytics software;
  • 1 plugin for CMS (WordPress);
  • 6K+ followers on Facebook;
  • MVP of Komito Analytics Dashboard.
  • Roadmap:
  • +7 integration and support partners;
  • +2 supported web analytics software;
  • +2 plugin for CMS (Joomla, Drupal);
  • v1.0 of Komito Analytics Dashboard;
  • +10 metrics and insights.


Autotrack - Introduced by Google on February 18, 2016. Automatic and enhanced Google Analytics tracking for common user interactions on the web.

GAS - Google Analytics on Steroids by Cardinal Path (March 18, 2011). GAS is a wrapper around the Google Analytics Tracking API from Google. It tries to add new functionality while keeping the same API. Unfortunately, it is no longer supported, but it still remains a great and demanded product.


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